Here you can find the most important questions and answers surrounding the natural breast enhancement with secret curves


Does secret curves agree with my anti-baby pill or other medication?


As secret curves is a purely natural product, it does also agree with the anti-baby pill. However, if you have any questions of concerns of any kind, you should of course ask your doctor or pharmacist. We have prepared a content sheet for this, so you do not even have to tell what kind of product you are dealing with.


Do I have to take the capsules forever or does a 1 or 2-month set suffice?


Or course you do not have to take the secret curves capsules for the rest of your life, normally a 1 or 2(3)-month pack will do for most customers. We do however recommend to do a build-up cure once a year with secret curves and take the capsules for one month but this varies from woman to woman.


Is my purchase safe?


Yes, definitely! We at secret curves offer our customers all established payment methods like Paypal, instant transfer, invoice purchase, direct debit and credit card. In addition, we offer purchaser protection via Paypal and a secure SSL transferral with various payment service providers.


I just want to lift and tighten my breasts, do I have to take the capsules in addition to the Push&Go creme?


Theoretically not. However, we recommend taking the secret curves capsules to ensure an ideal lifting and tightening of the breast.


Where are the secret curves capsules produced and are they safe?


The original secret curves products are produced according to best standards and in the safest countries, including Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, France and also the USW. By a strict choice of producers we reach the highest standards. They include: EU conforming food supplement production with highest safety and hygiene standards in laboratories certified according to ISW, GMP or hygiene rating 5.


Are there any side effects or interactions?


Currently we are not aware of any side effects or interactions of secret curves in any form, other than some customers writing to us that their acne disappearing after taking secret curves. This is a point that makes us very glad. This shows us that our vitamin activator system has effects on the entire body and can even improve the skin.

Unfortunately there are many useless and fake products for a natural breast enhancement. We explicitly distance ourselves from these sellers and products. Secret curves is not a hype or single ingredient as it is often offered on the internet. Secret curves is a complex of multiple active ingredients and has been developed especially for the female breast. Depending on the seller and location, there can be minor differences in the vending price. Delivery via participating pharmacies might take a few more days depending on circumstances.

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